Not Returning Row Number With FIND statement When FIND should be valid

I am trying to find the row in column B of worksheet 'ws_target' holding the value from worksheet 'temp', cell B2.

The value in cell B2 of worksheet 'temp' is a date value, formatted as Thu 20-Jun, with a value of 2019-06-20 (from formula bar) or formatted as a serial as 43636.
The data in column 2 of worksheet 'ws_target' are also date values, formatted Thu 20-Jun, a value from the formula bar as 2019-06-20. The match can be found at row 170 of 'ws_target'.

I am getting an "Object variable or With block variable not set" error withthe line in red.
Asked 4 days ago

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I found another approach that works ….
Answered 4 days ago

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